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Look up and ahead

The only open ear
hearable voice assistant
that stays on and stays in.

Simplify your life with Hy

Streamline your day with our intuitive virtual assistant that learns and adapts to you. Hy allows you to combine your existing smart devices into a pair of simple, comfortable hearables that keep you connected all day.

Simulation of Hy voice and navigation.

Free from screens
Free from distractions
Free to be in the moment
We made Hy for you

two words opens your world to infinite possibilities.

Ok Hy

“What’s in my calendar today?”

“Where is my nearest fuel station”

“How is my heart rate doing?”

“What’s the time in New York?”

“Play my Monday morning playlist”

“Call Pete in the office”

“What’s the forecast today”

Naked Sound™ keeps your worlds connected

Naked Sound™


Combining bone conduction and traditional air vibration with our unique Naked Sound™ open ear technology.


Delivering you an audio experience like nothing before – full spectrum sound, without sacrificing your connection to the outside world.  

Hy’s revolutionary Naked Sound earpiece

Our Naked Sound™ technology keeps you alert and keeps you safe.

Stay connected and maintain access to the full expanse of the digital sphere through our 3D audio interface, without ever compromising your safety.

Your data, delivered to you — seamless and without distraction.

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The hearable built around you

Hy is expertly designed to fit securely around the natural shape and curves of your ears for comfortable all day wear.

With a virtually impenetrable monolithic body and waterproof quad-MEMS microphone system, Hy is designed to work with you in all weather and environments. And of course, Hy is sweat-proof and built to work as hard as you do.

Hy is with you every step of the day.

Hy stays on as long as you do

Built with industry leading battery performance – no need to recharge or carry additional accessories.

Say hello!

Connect with us through our social channels or email us directly via sayhello@okhy.tech

We are a group of like minded individuals united by a desire to build human centred wearables, with ethics and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the hardware we use to talk to each other and access the digital world should be as seamless as a face to face conversation. We want a world where technology serves the needs of people and not the companies who sell it.


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